Evenings at the ExitsEvenings at the Exits

Join Edgeworks for evening climbing at our local crags. Grab a friend (or make new ones!) and get some pitches in with our AMGA trained guides. Climbers of all ability levels are welcome!

DURATION: 1 evening
PRICE: $55/person

Gym to CragGym to Crag

Ready to take your climbing skills outdoors? Our professional climbing instructors will you teach you the skills to top rope climb outside.

PRICE: $195 / $214.50 (Member / Non-Member)


Sport Lead ClimbingSport Lead Climbing

Designed to introduce the experienced gym climber to the world of outdoor sport climbing. This course will equip you with the knowledge needed to start leading sport climbs at our local crags.

PRICE: $210 / $232 (Member / Non-Member)

Trad Lead ClimbingTrad Lead Climbing

Our Trad Climbing Course will help you develop the required skills to efficiently place and evaluate removable protection, build natural anchors, and take your climbing experience to the next level.

DURATION: 2 days
PRICE: $475 / $522.50  (Member / Non-Member)


Crack Climbing SeminarCrack Climbing Seminar

Learn how to effectively use your body to ascend cracks, from tiny "tips cracks" to body-swallowing "off-widths." This course also helps prepare climbers who are interested in learning to lead traditionally protected routes.

PRICE: $225 / $247.50 (Member / Non-Member)

Multi-Pitch Climbing CourseMulti-Pitch Climbing Course

Some of the biggest and most impressive outdoor routes require multi-pitch climbing techniques. Learn the key skills required to head out on a multi-pitch adventure of your own!

DURATION: 2 days
PRICE: $495 / $544.50 (Member / Non-Member)

Rock Rescue CourseRock Rescue Course

Prepare for the unexpected. Injuries happen and that is why every outdoor climber needs to have a solid understanding of how to be self-reliant in the worst case scenarios.

PRICE: $220 / $242 (Member / Non-Member)

Intro: Alpine RockIntro: Alpine Rock

Alpine rock climbing is one of the greatest adventures a climber can have; for many, this is the pinnacle of the sport. This two day course covers fundamentals skills for rock climbing in the mountains, culminating in an attempt on a local alpine route.

Duration: 2 Days
Price: $495 / $544.50 (Member / Non-Member)



Alpine Rock CourseAlpine Rock Course

Ready to take your rock climbing skills to the mountains? This capstone course focuses on moving efficiently on alpine rock in a small team. This program provides a broad framework for leading, following, and descending from alpine rock climbs.

Duration: 4 Days
Price: $1200 / $1320 (Member / Non-Member)

Guided Rock ClimbingGuided Rock Climbing

With a wide variety of climbing types and locations nearby, we can design a custom trip to meet your goals. From private outdoor instruction to multi-pitch ascents, our guides can take you to new heights!

Duration + Pricing: Varies
More Info: Click "Book Now"  

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